17 thoughts on “July 3, 2021

    1. Clock is ticking⏰ indeed in this world and you are right, Crissy, it is getting closer to judgement day! Everywhere in this world there is evil, including institutions that dispenses justice; no area that is evil free. But, we are assured by GOD that everyone will face justice. Without GOD the FATHER’s grace through JESUS CHRIST’s atonement for sins and imputed righteousness, an evil person goes to eternal torment. There is still time to repent though and accept JESUS CHRIST by faith as Lord GOD and Savior. A blessed weekend to you, Fryday Team, and your family!

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  1. May we believe God will judge the unrighteousness lest we lose hope or tempted to sin or worst, to give up. There is a time for everything, and some things are still future!

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    1. Great point, Jim! There is hope in GOD’s assuring Word that everyone will have his/her day in GOD’s judgement throne. The question is, at that time, has the person accepted wholeheartedly JESUS CHRIST as Savior of his/her sins and Lord GOD of his/her life? Yes, there is time for everything and time to repent and change ways for those who have not accepted JESUS and have done corrupt and hideous acts. GOD is merciful to thoae who repent before dusted in yhe wind. Blessings to you and your family!

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        1. There is a song for them, “Turn, Turn, Turn.” Arguably one of two theme songs of the Book of Ecclesiastes. The otherone is sang by a Lynx in today’s (July the 4th) verse.

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