February 29, 2020


        1. I like addicting shows; I used to be addicted to Criminal Minds, Law & Order, People’s Court, MASH, Little House on The Prairie, anything to do with Gymnastics & Ice Skating, and several medical shows… 📺

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        2. Yes, there are too many of them. It just show that we are human. But along the way of watching these shows, we can pick something insightful that we can thank GOD for and strengthen our resolve in love and faith in the GOD in three persons. Anyway, back to the regular programming.

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        3. If you ever wish to post your beautiful pics and Bible verses on my blog, you can. Just let me know and I’ll get you in my account with your own password. No pressure, though.

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        4. Thank you Tamara. I’ll let you know. I still owe you a response on the sunshine blog. I’ve to figure out first where to put none Bible verse postings; maybe on my about page.

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  1. AMEN!!! GOD the FATHER of all creation is so cool beyond measure and understanding! HE is so awesome and loving! HE knows us all inside and out. And I do thank GOD for HIS beloved son JESUS for being our savior and the key to entering heavens gate. Praise GOD! Bless you Gersom for you encouraging posts and encouraging likes to my posts too! May GOD bless you always!
    Peace!!! 🙂

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    1. GOD is omniscient, He knows you on top of trillions of trillions of stars and planets that He created through His WORD that became our LORD and Savior JESUS CHRIST. GOD bless JJ! Sorry for the late approval, I just recentlty opened WordPress and worked on my postings. It was a WordPress-free weekend.

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