April 9, 2020

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  1. GC,
    If you could find it in your heart💛 to pray🙏 for my dog 🐕Hercules I would appreciate it. As a 🕎🛐Rabbi it sounds ridiculous, but he is the only thing besides ☝🏼God I have on this earth 🌍. If God takes him I understand, even at Passover. I just hate seeing him in pain. He’s 14 = 98 in 🐕 years. I realize humans are more important to our Father. But animals are kinder. God bless and hope you are well. 💛

    Rabbi Tikvah Dolch aka Anonymous Love for Jesus Christ💛

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    1. Tikvah,
      Good morning!
      It is my first 1️⃣ time to do so in decades but I will pray 🙏 now for your dog 🐶 , Hercules 💪 as he is also important to you. GOD is good, He will heal! – Moses Kent a.k.a. Gersom Clark.

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        1. True, JESUS is always there. The Son of GOD carries us in these difficult times. Most of all, we are assured of seing Him in the future, because He first love us and washes our sins in the cross.

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