April 10, 2020


    1. Finished; our sins paid completely 2000 years ago by the love of JESUS. Singing praises now, thanking GOD for His love and mercy, Mandy. I also like the next scene, i.e. when the temple curtain was torn in two. By the way, my name is Moses Kent or simply, Kent. Gersom Clark is just my pseudonym based on my first name.

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    1. …and Lord of lords! Very happy that our sins are no more, by His grace, Crissy. We will all, now continue to “press on” until GOD’s people will confess that JESUS is Lord and Savior. Thanking GOD the Father for never giving up on us dispite knowing in eternity past on man’s “rebellion”. Looks like I’m recently confessing my real name; I’m Moses Kent.


    1. True! Powerful indeed, Jim. GOD the Father’s acceptable sacrifice covering for ALL our sins is “satisfied” (taking cue from the song, In Christ Alone”), and GOD the Son’s work on the cross is finished. Now, GOD the Holy Spirit convicts us of our sins, points us to JESUS in faith and love in Him as our Savior and Lord, and intercedes for us. No other human intercessor needed.

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