April 11, 2020


    1. Thank you, TD! Yes, Roy does provide a lot of information (on socio-political and tourism aspects, among others). He is probably reading this (peace “kababayan”). Happy Resurrection Sunday, Tikvah! 😄

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        1. Oh yes, on your blog. That is absolutely nothing to me, Tikvah. Whether gersom, moses, or GC, it is fine with me 👍[as long as you call me kent 🤣, just kidding, any would do]. I addressed you as TD in your blog just in case you still want to be anonymous, ALFJ 😉

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        1. True Tikvah, the most important event i.e. the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST. He lives and is seated at the right side of GOD the Father, as you also indicated in your blog. Here is a video made 12 years ago. A caveat though, don’t take the pictures literally.

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    1. It does, Jim. Not just in the spiritual sense but also in our lifesytle. It gives us a new way (not just perspective though) of life (like a different culture), distant from the prevailing hedonistic, materialistic, and lustful lifestyle. We have such restraint, thanks to the Holy Spirit. Although, we sin daily and constantly in need of our Savior, JESUS CHRIST, we don’t find satisfaction on the “lust of this world.” GOD constantly molds us though as imperfect beings in this world to ultimately a perfect creation (resurrected bodies) in heaven when JESUS comes again.

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        1. To add, we seem different when we mix with our friends, peers, and colleagues. Not that we can’t mingle (or “rally the crowd” even) but our concerns are different. We are more concern with the battle for the soul. Some people can’t understand that and sees us differently. GOD also draws us closer to Him (thankfully); in His divine providence, moves pieces and molds our life for His purpose.

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