April 21, 2020


  1. Thanks, Kent. As a child, I remember being quite embarrassed by the doubting apostle who I was named after. But I cut him some slack these days. As a believer, I realize my faith isn’t always rock solid strong either.

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    1. GOD has a reason and a purpose for Thomas, Tom. Without him doubting, Jesus would not have said, “blessed are those who have not seen and yet believed”, which is an important word from Christ for us christians. And there would be no reference for us, who initially doubted (including me). The story conveys that the Son of God still accepts us, who are believers now, just like Thomas.

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    1. So tranquil and admirable, Agehamodoki san. It makes you want to swim and breath fresh cool air. Well, it cannot beat Mount Fuji if you are in Kawaguchiko on sakura, though. Domo arigato gozaimasu!


    1. Hi Susan! Yes, there is somewhat a way. You can find it at the upper (red) ribbon/menu of the page, these are categories for the verses; namely Praising God, Justified by Faith, In Christ Jesus, Trust in God, Holy Spirit Dwells, and Godly wisdom. The search botton, unfortunately is not working. I’ll figure a way to solve this.

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    1. Hello too! I’m happy to hear someone from Iran. All praises only to the Triune GOD who gave us an opportunity to share the good news of GOD’s love and salvation to those who confessed that JESUS CHRIST is Lord and Savior.


  2. Sure! Going back to what was discussed in your earlier comment, we humans constantly sinned which leads to hell. But there is a way not to go to hell and that is by GOD’s grace. We cannot work for it; it is only given by GOD, through faith in Him alone. We only have to believe that JESUS CHRIST is the Son of GOD and that He is our Savior in faith. To know more about how amazing GOD is. Read articles of other Christian writers, which you can find their names on the comments or the likes section. Thank you for beginning a life in trusting JESUS.


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