November 18, 2020


    1. Get well soon General Ed Del Pilay. Dapat hinay hinay sa movement para mabilis ang healing/pag galing ng paa. Pag naka house arrest, malaking posibilidad na maka relax while nag heal ang pilay at pag aruga ni misses. Yes! Ok ka talaga! Sana mabilis and pag recover at pwede din mabagal kaunti basta may mag aruga. Magandang opportunidad din yan Ed, para ma sharpen lalo natin ang knowledge natin sa Biblya at maging dalubhasa sa aral ng Panginoong Diyos HESU KRISTO. Isa rin itong opportunidad para mag reflect sa Kanya! Biyaya ng Panginoong Diyos masaiyo kaibigan!

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        1. Yon yong sabi nila, Ed, na Divine Providence. Binigyan ka ng panahon ni JESUS na magkoncentrate sa pagaaral ng maagi sa Bibliya para sa evangelizing work nila. Wala pong anuman at get well soon!

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        2. Wala din “inuman”: ipinagbawal sa akin ng asawa ko at hindi ako makalabas para bumili ng red wine. Tutal dapat iwasan iyon dahil sabi ni apostol Pablo kay Timoteo na ang isang pastol ay hindi dapat na mahilig sa maraming alak at…pastor ako

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        3. Maliwanag ang Biblya na kaunting alak ay pampasaya ng puso, kaunti container ay pampasaya lang ng mayari ng sari-sari store at nakakahadlang sa paglilingkod sa Diyos taglay ang tinutukoy ni apostol Pablo, ang “kakayahang mangatuwiran”.
          Noon panahon ni Noe ang mga pinuksa ay ang mga “hindi nagbigay pansin” dahil abala sa kumain at uminom at sabi ni Jesus na ang araw ng Diyos ay magiging gaya ng araw ni Noè

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    1. The signs and times seem to lead that way, Crissy, we have to surrender it to the Triune GOD in His Divine appointed time. We can only prepare ourselves for JESUS’ return by striving to live in holiness as GOD also completes His work in us. We also can strive to spread GOD’s Word double time. Blessings to your endeavors in sharing the Gospel and you as well. May GOD give you and your team endurance and strength.

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    1. You’re right about that, Jim that the work that the Triune GOD has started in us who believed in faith alone, He will complete also in the end. What an encouragement this blessing from Paul has, for us who kept the faith to the very end indeed! Yes, tomorrow, we will have a new subseries on the aftermath of life as GOD’s own. Glorified for GOD’s Glory.

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        1. Dear Lord,
          Guide Kent’s direction. Lord I know Kent and I would want to serve you yet at the same time if Kent can have a work and career, guide Him Lord. Thank you for this brother in my life. In Jesus name we pray, Amen

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        2. Thank you very much, Jim for your prayer. GOD will surely hear your prayers as you are servant of the Triune GOD. The GOD who hears us mere sheeps will surely hear those who pastor these sheeps. Still, it is GOD’s sovereign will, purpose, and according to His plan for all of us right now; and like a weave, we can only see the big (snapshot) picture from afar or heaven. I’m continuously praying too for nothing is impossible with Him in His time.

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    1. Praising GOD for His faithfulness, Alan that through His inspired Words given to Paul to utter/write, we have confidence! Our confidence is anchored with GOD who works in our sanctification and salvation that when we meet Him someday, we are blameless and spotless as white as snow. Blessings to you!

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