1. Thanks, Kent. Because of the Bible’s teaching here and elsewhere that homosexuality is a sin and an abomination, it is the target of LGBTQ crusaders. It’s probable that WordPress and other social media won’t allow a posting like this in the very near future. It’s probable that pastors will one day be arrested for “hate crimes” for teaching a passage such as this or for refusing to marry a same-sex couple.

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    1. You are right, Tom! In fact, it took me a while to decide on the graphics, taking into account that there are still many verses (yet) to upload and it is still not time for closing shops. GOD designed/created us to be two genders only, male and female. It is His Law. And to be honest, it is hard to post on this, in this time and age.

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    1. GOD hates sin so much that the penalties are severe, in this case, death. He puts it into Law, GOD’s command, as He created/designed us perfectly. Humans also hate someone ruining their “perfect” mundane “design.” Knowledgeable are we Christians on this issue but it is one of those that have to be discussed carefully.

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