1. Mandy, I agree with you! GOD wants us undefiled and for that reason He gave commands or Laws but humans cannot simply follow. We are grateful for the gift of salvation, grace, forgiveness, and guidance by the Triune GOD. Happy July the 4th to you and your family! 🥁🎉💥💥🎊🍾

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    1. Eduardo, I agree with you that immoral thoughts ends with the same! What is in our thoughts, our thinking processes, values and morals, and processing of past experiencess, to name some, determines our actions. Also, as you pointed out in your recent article, temperature has an effect. I like your recent article, it is informative, true, and very funny (and sad) on the Filipino (religious) culture and behavior. Going back to your article now, National Bookstore fan. Sorry, Filipinos like to shorten names but I see the implication on your article.

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      1. Unfortunately Christianity in the Philippines, as well as everywhere else, amounts to nothing more than tradition and has a very little impact on the conduct of most people and that’s why we live in a corrupt world

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        1. Some churches held on the exercise of tradition while Biblical Christian ones discussed topics like sin, the nature of man, repentance, grace and salvation, to name some where we are a sinful human and only the Triune GOD can save us by His grace alone, that is accepted by faith (and not relying on ones goodness, works, or how many kapilya’s sponsored/built), and in faith in our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST alone. Relying solely on the church for spiritual nourishment is like eating a healthy dish one meal a week or having gym equipment that you use once every Sunday for an hour. People need to read the Bible, pray/communicate with GOD at least daily, repent, change ways, and even listen to good sermons online (e.g. oneplace.com). This situation reminds me of the parable of the sower. Some fell on the rock and thorns.


        2. The apostle Paul foretold that there would be a deflection from the original teachings in 2 Tessalonians 2:3 and, in fact, since the time of the Emperor Constantine a lot of paganism has sneaked into Christianity

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        3. Thank you for this information, Ed! That is unfortunate. The devil knows how to crawl within the church by introducing extra biblical notions and swaying “christians” away from the Triune GOD. By the way, it is raining now, here in Metro Manila.

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  1. Thanks, Kent. Hundreds of millions works-righteousness pseudo-(c)hristians believe they are righteous because they never physically killed anyone or never physically cheated on their spouse, etc.

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    1. Tom, this reminded me of the song, “Were It Not for Grace.” Apart from GOD’s grace that is received, there is no way we can work ourselves to heaven through thorough participation of the sacraments and other traditions. And even doing good, without humbly accepting the fact that it is GOD the FATHER’s prerogative, His right, and grace, and that by accepting, we believe that we are saved by JESUS’ atoning sacrifice alone and not by someone else. Finally, it is the HOLY SPIRIT that intercedes for us and not any mortals.

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    1. Bigsky Buckeye, you are right! We are in constantly in need of our Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST who redeems us from our sinful flesh. Thanking GOD the FATHER for the saving grace and the HOLY SPIRIT for guiding and interceding for us.


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