1. You’re welcome, Jim! All praises to the Triune GOD who inspires. Romans 3 is one of the essential chapters that somehow summarizes salient points in our faith. We are justified by faith in CHRIST JESUS!

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      1. For me I like the Shadow (Lamont Cranston). He’s not DC nor Marvel, usually Dynamite publish it have you heard of this character? Batman and the Shadow are my two favorites.

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        1. Yes, Jim! I’ve watched the movie in the 90s with Alec Baldwin as the titular actor. It is a batman like character with not so much power except hypnosis and telekinesis. What I like in his character (based on the movie) is he can draw support from those he helped before without compromising much of his true identity as a superhero except probably his cab driver.


        2. I have yet to watch the movie! I enjoyed the Shadow character maybe because I like characters without too much powers. In terms of comics history I think most people not believe that Batman was actually a rip off of the Shadow by the inventor of Batman. Have you watched the Shadow movie more than once?

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        3. Yes, Jim! In the widescreen in 1994 and HBO later on. Maybe it is available on Netflix, let me check. Yes, those characters like green arrow (JL), wild cat (JS), nightwing (T), and the Question are grounded in their “powers.”

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        4. You still have the whole day, Jim. It is ok also to watch it before sleeping but there is a caveat, it was made 2 decades plus ago so the fx or visual effects might bore you to sleep.

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