August 11, 2020

16 thoughts on “August 11, 2020

    1. JESUS is truly amazing and more, Jim! With His grace, you have an unfading crown of glory to look for, pastor. No amount of hardship here can compare the glory up there.☝️ We keep pressing on. 🙂👍

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  1. Thanks, Kent. This passage reminds me of what a difficult job pastors’ have. They a prime targets of Satan and demons. I was involved in fundamentalism several decades ago where seminarians and young pastors were taught to arrogantly lord it over the flock. Congregants both loved and feared their authoritarian pastor. Praise God for pastors who are faithful to God and His Word and the genuine Gospel of grace

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    1. Thank you too, Tom! True, as the messengers of JESUS, they are in the devil’s crosshairs for its goal to twist the good news/Gospel for its own ends. Changing the narative or adding something that will lessen our trust and faith (among others) solely on the Triune GOD. The podium is so critical and we are grateful to the pastors who stayed firm in faith in JESUS and draw message in what is said in the Bible. Praise indeed to the Chief Shepherd for taking care of the pastors and the congragation. This reminded me of the documentary you have seen and reviewed i.e. American Gospel: CHRIST Alone.

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