1. True, Mandy, amen! The word of GOD written in the Bible that 1) leads to change in behavior and mindset, 2) gives peace and faith in the Triune GOD alone, and 3) makes us “look to JESUS the founder and perfecter of our faith.”

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    1. True, Tom, we are bleesed with the GOD given opportunity to know Him and make Him known; we are truly grateful to GOD for it! With too many distractions in the world, people lose touch of the Bible and the WORD of GOD and I’m also convicted with that.

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    1. True, Allan, it is assured by the Triune GOD that His word will reap in a plentiful harvest and lead to a multitude of believers singing and worshiping Him in heaven. Although sadly, in JESUS’ parable some “seeds” are eaten by birds, no roots, or choked by thorns, regardless, there are results. We praise GOD for the Bible!


    1. This indeed, DLH, is one of the great verses as it points to the Bible and what the Triune GOD accomplishes in us through His word. All praises to GOD for inspiring and providing us with an opportunity to serve Him in this medium.

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    1. All praises to the Triune GOD, Jim, who inspires/guides us. Actually, I kind of looking for a mix of fruits. Tomorrow or in few hours, it is a dramatic photo of being broken and spilled out that will be presented and it depicts deep remorse just like the Steve Green song.

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