1. Such manifestation of faith, ma’am Bonnie! What Abraham did was an exemplary one and model. Faith is what GOD requires from us, to walk in faith in Him while we journey in this transit world. GOD bless you and your family.

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    1. You are asking while in the journey, Mandy! Me, I would probably ask before hand, is the journey safe LORD, there must be a right person for this mementos task etc. Abraham has a purpose from GOD and so do we, we have a unique purpose. His level of faith is different but we will all surely end in the same finish line as he is, by GOD’s grace alone, by faith alone, through JESUS CHRIST alone. This happened when he was way bit older, something to ponder. GOD bless you Mandy, Nathan, your parents and sibling!

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        1. True, Mandy, so many things to think about and we really need GOD’s help in strengthening our faith in Him when the time comes and/or as we go along with it. I think in the end, GOD wants us to realize, it is only Him we put our hope on and not our own endurance/selves.


    1. True, Ed, because of Abraham and company, the writer of Hebrews and even Paul had examples of exemplary faith. And later, Paul will use these examples of being justified to GOD prior to JESUS CHRIST because of their strong faith. It is something possible for us humans with the Triune GOD’s help. GOD bless you and your family, Ed!


    1. True, Allan, Hebrews 11 has the complete listing of exemplary faith, from Abel to Moses to David and others whose actions are mentioned by the writer of the book. Paul also used the case of Abraham in Romans 4. GOD bless you and your family.

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    1. True, Jim, there are lots of unknowns to fear along the way e.g. terrain, danger, people. But with GOD being there with him, Abraham just head on to those unknowns. Abraham must have sufficient understanding of and experiences with GOD to have that faith to journey beyond his comfort zone. GOD bless you and your family!

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    1. True, Chido! Faith is what is required from us. Faith in believing the Triune GOD, clinging on to His promises, and obeying His teachings. Our reward is eternity with Him, the only GOD there is, was, and will be. GOD bless you!


    1. True, Donna, that blessings reaches you based on what GOD has promised to Abraham. Abraham might have been in awe when GOD told him that. Even, billions and billions of stars, how many generations would that be. GOD bless you and family!

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