1. Enoch “is” an extra ordinary human with an extra ordinary faith in GOD. The only human who did not die but was taken by GOD to heaven. Wow, such possibility for humans then if they had that faith in GOD and purpose by GOD, ma’am Bonnie! But only him have that level of faith and relationship with GOD in OT times. GOD bless you, ma’am Bonnie!

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        1. True, ma’am Bonnie, the one that got away; I stand corrected, ma’am Bonnie. Yes, both Elijah and Enoch left no body, rather they were carried/taken away alive. For that reason, some say John the Baptist was Elijah. Thank you for correcting me ma’am, as the scene where Elijah was taken by the “chariots of fire” (not the 1981 movie) in the Kings and Prophets Bible graphic novel is still vivid in my mind now but have forgotten recently.

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