September 6, 2020


    1. True, Jim, grateful to GOD for inspiring/using them in spreading the Word of GOD. Spreading the Gospel how JESUS was fortold, came, saved us, and Him seated beside GOD the FATHER in glory. We are thanking them, the evangelists and those who supported their missions, for sharing it gladly for generations and increasing believers throughout time so now, we can enjoy knowing JESUS, the gift of grace, and GOD’s promises to us. We also pray for churches and its members who are still experiencing persecution in this day and age. All of us are like sheep heading to be slaughtered as we cannot satisfy the Law. No one, not one except JESUS CHRIST. Thanking GOD for His grace! GOD bless you and your family!

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        1. They are just a few hundred miles from where I’m encoding this. We will continue praying for them and asking GOD to take care of their concerns so their faith will be strengthen and touch/soften the hearts of their persecutors or call them in saving faith.

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  1. I’ve just been reading about the persecution Christians suffered throughout the ages, especially at the hands of the Catholic church in Medieval times. Truly gruesome!

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    1. Yes, Lesley, those were the sad times when religion and politics were intertwined with vast military powers of the RCC and their kings. Aside from persecutions, there were wars also. Thank GOD, there is no war anymore in these times but persecutions still persist. We pray now that persecutions will ease a bit as Christianity will thrive and grow in these places.

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    1. All praises, Jim, to the Triune GOD for leading us on choosing/placing the right pictures. More sheeps for the scheduled post tomorrow as we tackle the Good Shepherd verses. All these to show that JESUS is the fulfillment of the Law, paid for all our sins, and because of Him in His grace and mercy we are justified by faith.

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