September 5, 2020

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    1. These are great verses to celebrate for, Mandy! We are not under the Law but by grace we are justified by faith. Looking forward to your article. By the way, I just sent a reply a few minutes ago. GOD bless you and Nathan!

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    1. True, Ed! JESUS is the “Son of Man” who was sinless, fulfilled the provisions and requirements of Law, and died for all our sins. The Law and the Prophets points out to JESUS–GOD the SON as the Messiah.


    1. True, Jim, we need our Savior JESUS CHRIST all the more! If we can do it by works, the world will still be as messy if not far messy. Some can strive out of sincere kindness. Some can buy their way to heaven (as they perceived); they can have the license to do bad things because they can easily buy their way. These are just samples, yet they all will ultimately fail to do good because as Paul pointed out in Romans 3:10-18, no one is righteous, seeks GOD, and fears GOD; they deceive, curses and shed blood. Without GOD changing our hearts by grace through JESUS sacrifice on the cross, our hearts remained wicked (not the musical) and unsaved sinners in the eyes and judgement of GOD.

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      1. The great work of our Savior is truly amazing and I hope those who thik we are saved by works read this post, this verse and our discussion! Our works can only condemn us, since we are sinners

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