October 23, 2020


    1. True, Jim, Paul’s epistles were testaments on how GOD uses a once persecutor of Christians into someone edifying them (on what we call doctrines among other topics) through inspiration from GOD. His life is an example of GOD’s work in his salvation, including sanctifation. May we be like him in our own little way with GOD’s work in us. GOD bless you and your family! This subsubseries delves on covetness, possessions and vanity; things we all are experiencing in this long process of sanctification.

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    1. You said it Tom! True indeed and I agree with you. There are too many pseudo-Christian institutions out there operating contrary to how Paul did in his ministry. Paul had to make tents to finance himself, his ministry team, and ministry. GOD has been gracious to Paul considering the coverage of his evangelization. Whereas those under the posperity gospel and the “gospel” preaching that comes with prosperity are contradictory to the lifestyle of Paul. I have mentioned in your blog about the “cars” and those were just samples of “donations” and perks (figurative silver and gold). Even the top powerful cults here are amassing wealth hidden from the public view. GOD bless you and your wife Tom!

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      1. Thanks, Kent. Yes, it’s a temptation for even very doctrinally-sound pastors to get caught up in the financial “success” of ministry and justify it. Many mega-church pastors live in McMansions.

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        1. You’re welcome, Tom! The sanctification process seems to be a struggle for these doctrinally-sound pastors. We can appreciate GOD on why He makes us see and reflect on these mega-church pastors. He has lessons for us on this one.

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        1. Well, they say it is fan, especially with family and friends! I had a good nap with this rain. After watching the news, I can’t imagine, there are parts in the country that were flooded today alone. About the pages I’m working on, it might be finished by Monday afternoon instead of tomorrow.

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    1. I love that song too, ma’am Bonnie! Thus far, I like the Crabb Family version. All those earthly things stay on earth, while what we know about the Triune GOD, how we received in faith His grace, and how we cling on the promises of GOD for us is something stays forever. GOD bless you and your family!

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