November 21, 2020


    1. Amen, Jim! You are right, we all should be excited to see JESUS as it will be the best experience the world can’t offer. CHRIST will come unexpectedly. We will be ready and must be prepared in faith already when He comes. We long to worship Him in Heaven someday. GOD bless you, Nancy, and your kids!

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        1. The pandemic leads to other socio-economic and psychological problems and distresses. We must pray for our faith to endure and strengthen indeed. Only JESUS can give us peace. A peace of mind that is none of this world.

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    1. True, Crissy, we will see JESUS physically in our glorified body as He is in His Resurrected Body. That will be the most thrilling moment as we get to unveil/see one of the top, if not “the” top mysteries in the universe i.e. GOD. Blessings to you my friend!

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    1. Thank you for noting on that one but it is a little relevant to the verse. JESUS CHRIST was resurrected and no longer in the (1) cave and a (2) hole was a reminder of where His disciples and His followers, including Thomas, touched and/or seen His hands, feet and side. Because of His sacrifice, those who have faith until the end can see Him in paradise.

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