December 12, 2020


    1. Praise GOD for this assurance of an everlasting life, Crissy! Regardless of the Tribulation that will come and the (pandemic) life in this transient world is, it is well with us as long we hold firm our faith and love to the end in the Triune GOD, pursue righteousness, godliness, steadfastness, and gentleness. GOD bless you, your family, and ministry!


        1. We all do, Crissy, because GOD directed our lives for this purpose. Keep on ministering those in need to hear GOD’s word and be convicted! You know GOD is smiling at you, keep the fight until He comes. A blessed Sunday ahead!

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    1. Yes, you also mentioned this verse in your recent podcast. True, that is going to be the jubilant day in ones life and far way exciting than winning a lottery twice in a day. What a promise of GOD to look forward to written (by a model faithful beliver of GOD and a model public servant too) centuries before JESUS. GOD indeed has a plan for us since the dawn of time. Happy dawn in CA!

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