December 31, 2020


    1. What a comforting verse indeed, Diana! We have peace of heart and mind because JESUS CHRIST 1) overcame (what the world and the prince of this world could do against Him), 2) redeemed us in the process of walking on this world, and 3) grants us salvation because of GOD the FATHER grace through Him i.e. JESUS CHRIST GOD the SON. This is an assurance of JESUS that no matter what the world brings, including the forthcoming tribulation, if we truly live by faith in CHRIST alone and follow His way then we will have peace. This is the peace that only our Lord GOD and Savior can give. May we have peace in JESUS CHRIST despite uncertainties, come 2021! GOD bless you and your family! Happy New Year!

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    1. JESUS CHRIST’s promise of peace is as relevant in the time of the disciples as to the present, Mandy! Very relevant in 2020, the incoming year 2021, and during the tribulation, if it happens in our lifetime (Before the Wrath movie from Amazon Prime is highly recommended). The Good News is that JESUS CHRIST overcame the world, redeemed us and gave us salvation in the process through GOD the FATHER’s grace and in the conviction/guidance/intercession of the HOLY SPIRIT, and He can grant us peace like no other kind peace if we have faith in Him. Let us then be firmed in our faith in JESUS CHRIST and lived a sanctified life that He will complete. Happy New Year! GOD bless you, Nathan, your brother, and your parents.

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    1. An awesome promise of JESUS CHRIST, indeed Crissy! Regardless of how strong and firm our faith is as Christians, we will always have trouble in this fallen world and if alive at that time, experienced the tribulation. But as Christians who lived by faith in our Lord GOD and Savior, we know that when GOD is working in our salvation/with us we are assured that at the end/new start/eternity we will be with Him. We have peace of mind whatever happens to us in this world. Just like Stephen, when he was being stoned, saw JESUS in Heaven and has peace despite the stones hitting him.

      Finally, I was able to watch your recommended “Before the Wrath” movie. I find it informative (stats) and insightful (analogy of Galilean traditions and culture with some of the parables and sayings of CHRIST). Thank you! GOD bless you, your family, and your ministry! Happy New Year!

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    1. You are right, Jim! What an assurance it is to know that JESUS CHRIST overcame the world when He redeemed us and has always overcome the prince and principalities of this world. He is triumphant/victorious. And, the Triune GOD saves us; grants us/works on our salvation. So, whether it is the pandemic or the world is getting darker spiritually, we know JESUS is in control, and with Him, we will have peace in this world and Heaven.

      Let us all be firm in faith in our Savior and GOD. Happy New Year! GOD bless you, Nancy, and your kids!

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    1. Thank you too, Cheri! It is already two hours plus in 2021 here in the Philippines. Happy New Year to you and your family! May GOD bless your blog and your crafts! Looking forward to hear the news on our feathered friends and the return of yhe quails, if ever. GOD bless you all!


    1. Thank you for your kind, encouraging, and motivating words Rhema! I really appreciate it. Let us continue to encourage people in faith in JESUS CHRIST our Lord GOD and Savior. May GOD also direct our lives for His will. Happy New Year! GOD bless you and your family! May we have the peace in 2021 that only JESUS, who overcome the world, can give!


    1. True, Donna! It is really a blessing and a gift that we will cherish. It has many good implications to think of. That inner spiritual peace in practical terms can make us think, plan, and decide clearly with less stress, hurt, and mistakes. We can act calmly and praising GOD while in a “storm” that the world is experiencing. Peace! Be still. May GOD bless you and your loved ones with the peace that He gives in this still rough waters of 2021.

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