January 24, 2021

16 thoughts on “January 24, 2021

    1. Grateful to the Triune GOD for making this post possible, Rajani. In this post, Isaiah prophesied at that time, that GOD the FATHER chose His only Son, our Lord GOD and Savior, JESUS to bring justice to the world and deliver His people to His Heavenly Kingdom. Blessings to you and yours.

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    1. You are right, Jim, it is very clear that GOD does chose and He chooses. GOD the FATHER chose to send His only Son, JESUS and we knew that CHRIST ministry on earth led to salvation and restoration of our relationship with GOD the FATHER. For 3 times, the word justice is repeated. We look forward to the Millennial Kingdom where JESUS established justice in all the earth. Blessings to you, Nancy, and the kids!

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    1. You are definitely right, Crissy! That day will be the start of jubilation, vindication, restoration of hope on the term justice, and a different justice system from what we are used to on this world (as this involves the Truth and no one can hide nor cover faults, corruptions, crimes, and atrocities). We may not grasped the difference as injustice is prevalent in many forms and varied degress today, fake news included. But true, that will be the day we all are looking forward to! Blessings to you, your family, and ministry!

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