1. GOD’s grace is amazing! He makes the spiritually blind, see (and be convicted of one’s sin), Mandy! GOD bless you and your family! This is the post I’ve mentioned 2 days ago.

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        1. Latest was still the Charles Spurgeon story (can be found in Amazon Prime and Youtube), The Flash (DC) and the Winter Soldier (M). Are you still watching Arrow and Falcon? How’s your eye vision test (referring to the graphic)? What I can see is (year) 2020. 😉

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        2. We are watching Falcon and Mighty Ducks. Arrow is on a long pause! Did I tell you we watched Wandavision?! I will watch the Spurgeon story on prime! Thanks for this!

          I seriously need to get my eyes checked and your graphic convicts me of this! I am so thankful we learned about sovereignty tonight over glory. Perhaps I will post on Ichabod, what do you think?!?!


        3. Wow, I can’t believe you gave in finally to Wanda’s Vision. A word of caution to the tale, too many Marvel red herrings for Phase 4 and “it’s been Agatha all a long!” “The lost Ark” (i.e. Ichabod was named after losing glory) is a post I’m looking forward to read.

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  1. GOD has a way of telling the Bible readers that it is Him who enlightens/opens the eyes (i.e. mind) of people, Jim. Everything is possible with GOD (Him alone) and He illuminates the formerly blind man with the Truth (v.38). 1 Corinthians 1:27 also comes to mind. The next few verses follows the discussion on spiritual blindness that makes us appreciate the Triune GOD more for His saving grace to the unworthy us. Blessings to you and your family!

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