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  1. It is sad to see this older son thinks his father has never been good to him! Also its sad that he thinks he’s never disobeyed his father, even though at the moment he’s not acting very obediently at the moment, whining as his father celebrates the return of the prodigal son! John MacArthur mentioned that this parable represents the Pharisees and “sinners” and if the youngest son represent the “sinners” then the oldest self-righteous son is the Pharisees. How we need to know that there is a danger in self-righteousness!!!

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    1. Our Omniscient GOD shows us in His Parable how human nature will naturally react especially with the notion of “holier than thou,” without the sense of forgiveness, and true obedience to Him. This is true in line with what you mentioned, Jim! “Just like the Pharisees, the older son sees the ‘unfairness’ of his father and how ‘righteous’ he thinks of himself by comparing to his brother.” Indeed, JESUS CHRIST teaches us too many lessons in His Parable of how not to follow the Pharisees, including to rejoice and be glad when a sinner/brother/sister in CHRIST repents and follow Him.

      On hindsight, his father need not to give a goat because it is owned by his son all along; the father divided the properties, right. He is living in his older son’s money/property (including the smiling goat in the graphics and technically, the fattened calf). The older son focused too much on the work(based) and not to Whom he works for or else, he could have the prized fattened calf for mere snacks had his heart known/realized it is his all along. Because JESUS already atoned for our sins by the grace of GOD the FATHER and HOLY SPIRIT guides us constantly to have faith, we have realized a long time ago that our ultimate prize (i.e. worshipping Him in Heaven) is at hand. Blessings to you and your family!

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    1. You said it, Crissy! That smiling goat immobilizes those who find goat stew appetizing. 😉 Looking back at JESUS CHRIST’s Parable, the oldest son technically owns the goat and also the fattened calf. We are truly grateful for GOD’s grace that not only gives us Salvation but also opens our eyes! Buenas Noches mi amiga! And Buenos Diaz when you read this! 🌅

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