August 21, 2021

13 thoughts on “August 21, 2021

    1. Grateful to GOD the FATHER for inviting and giving us to JESUS CHRIST so our Lord GOD and Savior/The Lamb of GOD could keep and bring us in His “marriage supper/feast/banquet.” A blessed Sunday ahead!

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    1. Grateful to GOD for resources like this in a free picture site, Crissy. Yes, we are grateful and praising GOD for the invitation/call/illumination. Had GOD not do so, we will be still lost in the dark with no hope. You are very right in your previous comment, we must share this hope of forgiveness/remission/renewal from GOD for we don’t know whom He calls. Buenos noches tambien!

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  1. But some will not even come…Power Scripture i love parable of Jesus Christ they train us how to think and reason.Each time i come.accross them i pay attention they is a powerful message behind every parable

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    1. You are definitely right that in each parable there is a set of powerful messages that pertains to JESUS CHRIST–our Lord GOD and Savior, and Salvation (including faith). True, others will not come but we don’t know who will come too or who are called by GOD, so we must spread the word that when it reaches them, they will respond by faith. A blessed Sunday ahead!


    1. Praise the Triune GOD for His Salvation work in us, inviting us to know Him more through His Word–the Bible, and come with Him in Heaven in the marraige supper of the LAMB of GOD! A blessed Sunday, Kristi Ann, to you and your family!


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