October 30, 2021

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    1. Amen and true in the case of Paul and the rest of GOD’s workers. These are all in GOD’s divine purpose, plan, and will; all for His sole glory! Related to the verse, this was a repentance worth noting that the magicians and sorcerers/sorceress’ end their hard earned skill, burned their books (that cost a huge amount/substantive monetary value at that time and still in these days), and turned to follow JESUS CHRIST. Blessings to you and your family!

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    1. Very true! There is nothing worth more than being redeemed by JESUS CHRIST from being condemned in the tormenting hell and imputed by His righteousness so that we will have a right relationship with GOD the Father. That includes, of course, be in Heaven worshipping Him for eternity. It was worth the burning of books of spells etc and the throwing away the hard earned skill of spell casting and other magic, just to be safe and saved by the Triune GOD–a far far greater power than all their magic combined–and knowing He is the only GOD and Savior. It is still worth any cost just to have a genuine faith in JESUS CHRIST. Definitely, the HOLY SPIRIT made them realized this and GOD the FATHER has been calling them even when they were playing/toying with the dark arts. No sinner that is beyond GOD’s power and plan of redemption! On a different note, we are happy that our atmosphere, created by GOD, acts as a shield from the solar flare; how much more being saved. May GOD bless you in your sermon preparation!

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