45 thoughts on “May 17, 2020

    1. True, Jim! We constantly praise the Holy Triune GOD for His grace, His forgiveness, His revelation (through His word i.e. Bible), His guidance, His love (including our “daily bread”), our salvation, and the opportunity to meet the GOD in three Persons in heaven.

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    1. True, LadyP25! The Triune GOD’s glory is evident in what He created and He created everything, every atom in the universe. This verse in Psalm and that of the Revelations reminded us of the songs that we sing every morning before prayer (back then) and these are, “Holy, Holy, Holy” and “Holy Holy Holy Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty.”

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  1. Well, many people see the world as a miserable place because they fail to contemplate the beauty of creation. Indeed the wonderful things that are, evidently, the product of a higher intelligence and design are full of the glory of God

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    1. Totoo po yon, Eduardo, hindi nila nakita o na-realize! Our DNA and body systems alone testifies that there is an omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent Triune GOD that made it and constantly monitors it (yes, even a strand of our hair). How much more the entire universe, which is composed of tiny atoms, only a true GOD can create. Another thing is, their eyes probably where not opened or it is not revealed to them by GOD. More to that in the succeeding posts. Maraming salamat po. Kung ok lang po kayo, gusto ko sana i-share sa totoong facebook account ko yong mga posts nila. Your observations and diagnoses on Filipino culture and mannerisms are sadly correct. It is evident in the current times. Enjoying reading your observations in the next posts, Ed! GOD bless you and your wife!

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        1. Salamat po, Ed. Actually, sobrang nakatutuwa (tama ba Ed? na sanay ako sa nakakatuwa) na nakita kitang nag Filipino. I, and I think some Filipinos appreciate it when a “banyaga” speaks and sings in Filipino or any local language such as my native tongue of Cebuano; it melts our hearts like m&m choco.

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        2. Ed, meyroon tayong tawag dyan, “para di mabenta” in English, “so you won’t get sold”, hehehe, magkano ka ba? Biro lang ito. Binebenta kasi harap-harapan pag di alam lingwahe at mukhang universal ito; kahit saan sa mundo. Yon yong biro doon kaya dapat daw matuto sa lingwahe ng mga kasama. Pasensiya sa tagalog ko. Ang hirap mag sulat ng tagalog kung na sanay kang mag salita ng visaya sa bahay at nag sulat ng Ingles.

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        3. Kahit anong flavor…hehe. I have been eating pancit Canton for almost 20 years now and I have tried lahat ng uri ng lasa. I have probably eaten more pancit than the average Filipino. I hope this lockdown ends soon so that I can go back to the Pinoy salu-salo kung saan may maraming pagkain

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        4. Really, talagang you like it ha. But you have your local pasta. I remember when I went to Rome in 1996 during the World Food Summit, masarap yong spaghetti ninyo with real fresh tomato sauce. It is still in my memory banks, a testament to how tasteful the original source is. Hahaha, the lockdown, hirap kasi maulit ang spike although masarap kumain ng crispy lechon skin, dinuguan, at sisig with iced cold san miguel beer. Talaga naman sarap kumain ng pork blood, pork face, pork entrails, and pork skin.
          Ed, thank you for the chat. I’ll share your post on principles versus rules to my real name Facebook account tomorrow, timely for this lifting of ECQ, the usual “pasaway” in social distancing, and the possibility of another spike.

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  2. Love this! I am obsessed with the holiness of God. When I focus on Godโ€™s holiness I forget about myself and become excited thinking about our Triune God, who He is and how He works! Blessings to you and yours Kent! I hope your weather is okay!

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    1. That is the evident work of the Holy Spirit in you, Mandy! The Triune GOD has your undivided adoration in spite of the worldy noise. Cherish these instances, this natural high, knowing that you are anchored to the compassionate GOD that redeems and loves us. GOD bless you and your family, Mandy.

      I hope you had more time expressing your love and appreciation to your mom on her birthday, in May 15. We celebrated Dad’s birthday too in May 16, the same date last year that I registered/started with WordPress. His life testimony is a relief and assurance that he is enjoying praising the Blessed Trinity along with the other hosts. By the way, it is now hot again in Metro Manila, life after the storm.


        1. Good morning, Jim! The air, our “daily bread,” shelter, and many more that at times we took for granted. These are just physiological essentials and not the most important, which is spiritual.

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