1. Wonderful prophecy! Love this, next year I want to study this deeper and teach on it! I am bad with remembering invites, if you want to join our Christmas Eve (Christmas for you) service it will be in 50 minutes from now; no pressure, just want to have the invitation out there

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    1. “Unless you look further” are just four words but yes, it is meaningful and you give a new/fresh perspective on JESUS’ birth in connection with the opposition of His ministry. Thank you very much, Jim for the invite and this new light that CHRIST carried even before the cross. I enjoyed the service, the kids, the bands’ songs, and Pam and your kids’ nativity story! Blessings!

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        1. Thank you once again. It was also my pleasure to join you all in a live service. The angle on JESUS’ birth, according to the perception of His hometown, is new to me and an eye-opener on why the Jewish leadership could not accept Him among other reasons. No wonder.

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    1. Thank you very much, Cheri! I really appreciate it. When JESUS came to live among humans, it was a glorious one inspite being born in a manger. His sacrificial atonement for our sins and clothing us with His righteousness, is the glorious act by which we can worship the Triune GOD in Heaven. JESUS will come to earth glorified soon. GOD bless you and your family too. A blessed weekend ahead!


    1. Thank you very much for your blessings, Crissy! I agree with you our GOD is an Omnipresent and Omniscient loving, gracious, and merciful GOD. He knows that we cannot do it on our own/impossible for us to save ourselves apart from Him. We look forward to the completion of our sanctification, His work in our salvation, and glorious transformation all because of His love when He came. GOD bless you and your family my friend!

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