May 18, 2021

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JESUS’ Parables Series (Part 1)

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    1. This is the calm before the storm, Mandy! We encourage first, through this continuing series and the earlier non-series passages, before we dive into an uncharted territory. This chapter, which you introduced to us in your blog, was out of my radar prior and I did not perceived it as part of a mostly praise book of the Bible; something I could understand if found in Ecclesiastes. You probably guess it. 🤫 So, frontloading some “encouragements” before a shocking chapter/territory series dubbed 88 (no working title yet) scheduled on the 22nd of May. Like faith in the Triune GOD, we must know the Biblical Truths to prepare us for life’s trials. Amen?

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        1. If I am tracking, it will be a powerful series in trust in God. Being confident in God. God has given you such an AMAZING gift of discerning visual pictures for verses. I am thankful to be on this journey with you! (Sorry thought I sent this hours ago!)

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    1. Thank you for sharing your preference to this set of verses, Martie! Indeed, this passage is encouraging! No matter what storms in life we are facing or coming, we are assured that the Triune GOD is with us and that GOD is the only true GOD who created everything known and unknown. Even when we are scared and stumbled, JESUS will carry us. Indeed, JESUS is Wonderful!

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    1. You are right, Crissy! It is such a wonderful promise and assurance to hope for. The Triune GOD upholds us in spite of our sins as He choose and keeps us as His own children. GOD is faithful to us so we will not be sad and troubled during the storms/trials of our sanctification process as if there is no GOD. True, when CHRIST is on our vessel we can smile at the storm because He will strengthen, help, and uphold us. Amen?

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    1. True Jim, it is a series of encouraging verses for us to rely and hope on the Triune GOD no matter what comes next! This continuing series is the “calm before the storm” in a sequence of series.

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    1. The set of verses is so assuring in GOD’s hand, Jeff, no wonder it is your favorite. It encourages us to rely on the faithfulness of our Savior, knowing that JESUS will not let us go but instead keeps us (by strengthening, helping and upholding us until eternity. Looks like it is a favorite, indeed, of people.

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